We are a group of people of all ages and backgrounds with a simple mission: to go around the world and tell everyone the Good News:

Jesus Christ loves you and promises to save you and give you a new life in Him.



We believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

God created man to love him and to have a personal relationship with Him. This is the reason He sent Jesus Christ, His one and only Son,

to die on the cross of the Calvary. 



The verse in the Bible that best describes God's heart and the human condition is  John 3:16.

In this verse, God explains His own redeeming project, namely Jesus Christ, so that through His love humankind may be rescued from the terrible destiny that sin leads to.

Those of us who have been found by God now take part in this project, and take on the  challenge of being a generation that lives according to the Bible's principles and of the first love, of the fullness of the Spirit and that proclaims this message of salvation to all people through all means possible.



We are a Christian church that believes in:

One only God, loving and righteous, caring of His creation.

Jesus Christ as the only Savior, God made man who came to the world to give His own life as ransom for human beings.

The Holy Spirit, the third person in the Trinity, who transforms and gives life to a believer.

The Bible, the word inspired by God, as the only source of guidance and revelation.

Salvation by grace, through repentance and accepting by faith the forgiveness and new life that God offers.

The church, as an active body, gifted by God to serve, made up of those who have experimented conversion and who are guided by their pastors.

Preaching of the Gospel as essential duty. 

To make disciples as our great commission, to win the world for Christ.



Our church was founded in Mexico. It came to be thanks to the life and ministry of an American missionary. Leaving everything behind, he believed the seed of the Word of God was powerful enough to bear fruit in people in other nations.

The burning desire that God put in Emilio Aanderlud's heart to win souls for Christ and teach them in the Word, made him turn to prayer and dedicate his life to personally prepare people through discipleship to be useful for God's service .

Today, that seed that was planted many years ago continues to have a worldwide reach through the faithful ones who chose to continue the work.

"therefore go and make disciples of all nations".

Matthew 28:19



We meet every Sunday at noon in Manhattan to worship our Lord, to share God's teachings in the Bible and to sing Him praises.

At G3:16 we are very respectful of the Christian work God has entrusted each pastor.  

If you already belong to a church, we encourage you to stay and continue building that church. We therefore don't give any information about locations and times of meetings in this website.

By means of prayer and contributions we support qualified people who, guided by God and supported by our church, have decided to leave their places of origin to preach and establish churches in other parts of the world.

God has given us the opportunity to have a presence in:




Costa Rica

El Salvador







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Escríbenos si tienes alguna duda o si simplemente quieres compartir la maravillosa nueva vida en Jesucristo que te ha dado Dios.